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Sep 5, 2020

I feel that Toho finessed Hollywood but also Hollywood finessed Toho. Either this movie is a sin and it hurt many big monster fans. Like our resident Godzilla fanboy and Beatmania Historian DjTsu. He was scorned by this movie...hasn't walked since. So what better way for 3blackgeeks to crack open the Godzilla filmography by doing the movie many, many, ...MANY...Godzilla fans don't consider even in the world of Godzilla. People like our friend Kaiju lover and Hentai enthusiast PrimeGundam who joins us on this episode. We talked Bad writing, bad CGI, bad dialogue, bad adr, military stoopid, size, advertising, NYPIPO, not respecting the sause, bad editing, Madison Square Garden, the Juke botton, that's alotta fish, the animated TV show, better movies and WYPIPO. Also...WE TALK ABOUT GOJIRA!!!!!!!