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Nov 7, 2020

FRANCHISE MONTH IS HERE! Like every November we invite our good buddy Duke on our show to talk about a franchise. This year we're go into the 80's classic, Highlander! Odd how all great franchises start in the 80s and flame out spectacularly in the 2000s. We talk about the 1987 classic in all it's glory. 

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Jul 31, 2020

HEY CHAMP!? READY FOR 3BG TO DO LIAR LIAR? What?! We said it would drop in May? What? Ohhhh! That's right, 3BG's great grandmom died. We had a lot to do and we forgot. What!? Dee lied to you? That can't be. Dee never promised the fans anything ever in his whole podcasting career. So, we're going to lose all these...

Jul 4, 2020

Invasion USA is a movie that ends up being a better version of what Red Dawn was trying to do. Its a simple action movie wherein Chuck Norris is doing Impossible White Man stuff that while ridiculous, its also entertaining as hell. This is the type of material you expect out of Cannon Films.

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Jul 1, 2020

D2 The Mighty Ducks is the most wackiest sports film ever and the wildest of the franchise. And despite all this, the movie is still enjoyable top to bottom.



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May 29, 2020

The world's deadliest game is about to be played. Hunting for humans. Not just any humans, the homeless. That's right white people crazy and they have Charles Dutton with them. It's about to go down! We talk wypipo rage, the homeless, Ice T acting and other stuff. 

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