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Aug 29, 2016

The second half of this hype-cast (shut up, I know it sounds stupid) we dig into Super Android 13 and Fusion Reborn. We talk about Dr Gero's continued hate, The Yama Lock, Videl being the good girlfriend,  Hitler, Pikkon getting no love, Vegeta being Vegeta and all the hype moments. ...not to mention.."Hey...

Aug 28, 2016

We sit down with Writer/Producer/Director/Actor James Bond III as he talks about his beginnings as a child actor, his experience on a Spike Lee film, going through the process of getting his movie Def By Temptation filmed, and his future projects. This was a very fun and insightful interview and I hope you guys enjoy...

Aug 27, 2016

So Summerslam 2016 happened and what we have is a PPV that caused some outrage somewhat in the wrestling fandom. First things first though we go over the WWE brand split, the Miz/Daniel Bryan promo, Super J Cup 2016, ROH Death Before Dishonor, NXT Brooklyn II, Stardom, Evolve 67, and Kenny Omega's G1 Climax 2016 victory.

Aug 22, 2016

The World's Strongest and The Tree of Might. How can you not love these two movies? In this part 1 of 2 we go into these movies. We talk about Dr. Wheelo swagger jacking Cain off of Robocop, Goku beasting out and the Z Fighters....trying.


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Aug 15, 2016

Stagmer, a bladesmith, has been making swords for 17 years. He is the lead bladegrinder at Baltimore Knife and Sword. In the summer of 2014 he began hosting the hit web series "Man At Arms: Reforged." Teamed with other talented craftsmen, he brings to life the most requested fantasy arms and armor from viewers' favorite...