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Oct 11, 2020

You wanna know what's a good but yet not that great movie? A movie where if they had only made him British it would have made it want better. A movie where it smells, sounds and even taste like Constantine but it's not. A movie that did shit right...but said fuck the brown trenchcoat. Our buddy PrimeGundam is in...

Sep 15, 2020

CJ and guest AverageJoe talk about the first 4 episodes of Season 2 of The Boys and man is there so much wild stuff that has happened and we're only halfway through the season.

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Aug 6, 2020

Teased since we became a group we finally talk about this niche martial arts mixed with sports entertainment wet dream. The boys talk about Olympus being a herb, Tsunami having no friends, The Machine being a beast, Red Dragon flexing that time he was Scorpion, Warlock being a real life beast and much much more. 


Jun 6, 2020

Prime and CJ are back and despite the Rona happening there's plenty of comic book movie and tv news ranging from HBO Max debut to the Snyder Cut actually happening and the ongoing debate on digital and physical comics. Sit back and enjoy.



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Dec 17, 2019

Wherein CJ and Prime talk about the Marvel Television division shutting down and going under the Marvel Studios banner, Wonder Woman 1984 trailer, the Black Widow Trailer, CW Crisis on Infinite Earths, and the latest comic books they're reading. Fun times and worth the listen.