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Dec 30, 2023

Our final review of the year, and also our last look into CINEMA! We end it off with the very real and very strange story of Dick Cheaney. A man who was heartless, crazy, smart and looooooooooooved America!

Nov 9, 2023

Time for another Martin Scorsese movie, complete with all the hallmarks that make us love his movies. Funny moments, good music, incredible acting, use of the word "degenerate", very real-life dialogue, and drug use. The world of Wall Street is a crazy sick place where it's good to be white and even better when you're...

Jan 20, 2021

The word of today's podcast is "potential". In a movie like Gotti you expect it to give you John Gotti and a robust story about the big moments in his life. This movie gives you Gotti and about an hour and 40 minutes of fat-free air. Gotti had zero business being this dull with John Travolta giving it one of his...