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Dec 31, 2021

We wrap up 2021 talking about the life of John Madden, NBA, some Wrestling, NCAA Bowl Games and the NFL Playoff run. 

Dec 24, 2021

Our last episode of the year and our Christmas Episode. This time Kevin is in New York, The Wet Bandits are out, Kevin's family hates him, Pigeon Lady and Pre 9/11 Airports. All of this is soaked in 90s Christmas time. 

Dec 22, 2021

The thought of another followup movie to the Matrix trilogy seems baffling especially considering all the heavy themes that the trilogy had. Thankfully Resurrections keeps things simple and to the point. While the movie does lean heavy on the self awareness stuff early on, it eventually finds it footing and becomes a...

Dec 21, 2021

Well, we're finally at the last Alien movie of the series. First off shoutout to our boy Duke for coming on all 5 of these episodes. We end this franchise of its dumbest movie. But it's a golden turd of a movie. It's so bad it's good classic, which is better than pure crap. 

Dec 13, 2021

Ridley Scott isn't a bad director. Not at all. But he has made a lot of good looking boring movies. Prometheus is what happens when good intentions and prequels come together. Sounds nice but it's wrong, all wrong, like very very wrong.