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Feb 21, 2024

Slaughter is here to kick some low-level mafia ass. Dee and Cj explore the 1972 classic "Slaughter". We talk about black power, black leaders with white women, Rip Torn being an awesome bad guy, 70's action, and of course. We talk about the late great Jim Brown.  

Feb 19, 2024

This was probably the worse year of football Dee and Cj witnessed. It's finally done! We talk about the Super Bowl, the NFL as a whole, Lewis Hamilton going to Ferrari, The Rock returning to WWE and the NBA All Star game.

Feb 17, 2024

Recorded on 1/29/2024

This year's Royal Rumble was one that would make you fall in love with Wrestling. We talk about that and Vince McMahon FINALLY being kicked out of WWE. Also it's a week before the Super Bowl. Dee and Cj are PROPHETS with this NFL I tell you.

Feb 14, 2024

As we continue covering the life and hits of Michael Jackson, it's time for us to talk about the new jack swing classic, "Remember the Time". Not only was it the last new jack swing hit, this music video was an television event. Starring Eddie Murphy, Iman, Tiny "Zeus" Lester and Magic Johnson. We talk about the video,...

Feb 10, 2024

Michael Bay was given a blank check and all of the fireworks for this movie. The sequel is jammed packed with Black Action porn. Over the top gun fights, cars, all the girls wanna bang Will Smith, Martin mugging at the camera, a long ass run time...wait, hold up. Why is this movie so long!?