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Jan 12, 2022

Kickin off 2022 talking all things Kamen Rider W while also breaking down the latest toku news.

Feb 3, 2018

Kamen Rider Decade marks the 10th Anniversary of the Heisei Rider Series and as such the show basically revolved around the lead character traveling to different worlds that represented individual Heisei Rider series to varying degrees of results. If anything Decade is a season that if you're not familiar with any...

Apr 17, 2017

Time Force dabbled a bit on the police theme of Power Rangers so SPD expands on it more so with a full blown season dedicated to it. What we end up with is a solid and enjoyable season that ends up making some questionable decisions along the way with certain characters and plot points.

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Jan 24, 2017

Kickin off 2017 right as Prime and CJ talk about the latest Power Rangers movie trailer, Gaven/Dekaranger teamup movie, the Dino Super Charge finale, and Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

Oct 14, 2016

The Power Rangers movie trailer has FINALLY been released and we have a lot to say about it. We talk about what we like/dislike about the trailer, dive into news from out of NYCC, talk a little bit of Tokusatsu randomness, and finally dig deep into Ninja Storm.

Twitter: @3BlackGeeks @PrimeGundam