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Feb 14, 2019

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! The annual show on BAM! This year we keep it black and do a legit love story and then we take the piss out of it. Cuz Dee and DjTsu are buttholes. This year it's Jason's Lyric, a movie brush aside as just an okay black film but is actually VERY good. We talk Southern Rap of the Mid 90's, Dee keeps...

Feb 11, 2019


This year we talk about the amazing Carl Weathers in a solid classic 80’s action movie. Action Jackson. WE talk about Vanity, Craig T. Nelson, the Silververse and the Detriotverse, breast and exploding cars. Let’s do it!!!

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Jan 9, 2019

It’s a new year, a new us, and it’s time to finally Exhale. We finally talk about this Negro classic. And who else is more qualified to talk about this movie made women than 3 black men? We talk about the 90’s, the great acting, coke, black men of the 90’s, Whitney being dubbed, BBW’s winning, and we connect...

Mar 1, 2017

We end this month on a underrated movie from the 90s. Omar Epps goes undercover to stop the drug lord GOD. How will he stop GOD and will he lose himself trying to stop him? We also talk about Nia Long being cursed, Hill Harper and Ohio dtug dealers with NY accents.

Feb 15, 2017

Jim Kelly is a true legend in black cinema. His iconic afro to his famous yell, Jim is remembered for all the right reasons. His movies? ...meh, but follow us as we talk about his most infamous movie.