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Jan 31, 2022

So did John think he could run a whole ass fade with a Russian mob and he could go home? Nah buddy! You got a favor to do for someone. I hope this doesn't turn into multiple sequels that keep raising the bar in filmmaking and action-movie storytelling. Cuz that would suck. 

Jan 29, 2022

CJ and DJ Tsu talk about Microsoft buying Activision/Blizzard and what it means for video games and the "controversy" at G4

Jan 14, 2022

Scream comes to us 25 years removed from the original and this new film despite leaning heavy on the self-awareness ends up being genuinely entertaining by the time the credits roll. The film is definitely a love letter to the franchise top to bottom and the characters in it work for what the movie is.

Jan 13, 2022

Another year is here and we start with a bang. TMNT was and still is a major force in kid's entertainment. This movie was something special. Not only was it an independent film but it was also a Jim Henson production. We talk about the fights, jokes, costumes, and deleted scenes that made this movie perfect.

Jan 12, 2022

Kickin off 2022 talking all things Kamen Rider W while also breaking down the latest toku news.