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Dec 31, 2020

Covid was just one of many many bad things in 2020. Just one...did you know The Invisible Man came out this year? Seriously, I forgot it even came out and I liked the movie. Time to talk about the year that kept getting worse.

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Dec 31, 2020

With how trash the NFC East has been this season, its amazing that in the coming Week 17 we got two important NFC East games that's gonna happen. CJ, Dee, and DK break down the shenanigans of NFL Week 16 that leads to this showdown while also going over the start of the 2020-2021 NBA Season, the muddled as fuck...

Dec 30, 2020

Wonder Woman 1984 finally dropped on HBO Max and it ended up being an okay movie. Movie has its share of issues but it really comes down to the fact that the film really leaned heavily on 80's movie tropes top to bottom. Some people liked it, some didn't and CJ, Prime, and Average Joe talk about it all in this...

Dec 25, 2020

CHILD NEGLECT HAS NEVER BEEN SO FUN AND HEARTWARMING! Merry Christmas! 3BG digs into a holiday classic. We talk about Kevin's terrible family, the Wet Bandits, product placement, John Candy being awesome, black moms and 90s Hijinks!

Dec 25, 2020

So continuing the Ultraman Agenda, CJ and Prime do commentary on the Superior Ultraman 8 Brother film but beforehand they do the latest toku news roundup.

Link to the film:

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