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May 30, 2022

3BG goes into this 80's classic. The movie that made Tom Cruise the insane star that he is now. Our boy Charlie joins Cj being two former Airmen that know the truth about this movie. That it's shockingly simple. We talk propaganda, 80's, the gayness, rivals and the DANGER ZONE!

Mar 19, 2022

The good one. The one with the best action! The best comedy! The best villain! And of course the best version of Judge Reinhold!

Feb 28, 2022

A school is full of drug dealers and future statistics. It's a nightmare for the teachers. The kids will be fine. But what will we do? All these kids need is a hardnose suburban raised white principal to say, NO MORE!

Jul 4, 2021

The Cannon Group gave us the action thriller The Delta Force. Chuck Norris fans say this movie is awesome. Is it? Nah, but it's still pretty damn good. It takes its time but there's a payoff. Happy 4th!!!

Sep 19, 2012

When you think of Christmas movies most people like to say, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"; "A Christmas Story"; "It's A Wonderful Life"; "Miracle On 34th Street"...we said go SCREW!!! Flipping Die Hard is the greatest Christmas movie that has very little to do with Christmas. In fact outside of the tree in the...