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Nov 29, 2021

So check this out. Ripley, Newt, and Kyle Reese were flying through space, and a facehugger pretty much crashes the ship on a prison planet. Dumb? I know right!

Nov 16, 2021

James Cameron doesn't mess around with second movies. Alien was a classic and its second act isn't anything less than a classic.  We Cameron tropes, actor, blackface, scared white people, eggs, and Curtis the Predator.

Nov 8, 2021

This will be the final Franchise month on 3BG for a little while. So we're going to end it on a big one. The Aliens Series. Alien was the first in the 6 movie set. A movie that to this day stands as one of the scariest movies ever and one of the scariest sci-fi horrors. Like every franchise month, our boy Duke is with us!