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Dec 4, 2019

4 weeks left of the NFL season and things are getting tight particularly in the NFC East. The Cowboys and Eagles battling for supremacy in the East while the rest of the NFL particularly in the AFC is battling it out for playoff position. Meanwhile Tiger turns down Saudi money and random NBA news. Fun times! Give it...

Nov 28, 2019

Dee, Denzel, and CJ talk about the burning topic of Jason Garrett possibly being done in Dallas after the fallout of the Cowboys/Patriots game, the Kaepernick/NFL workout situation, lamenting on Phillips Rivers and the Chargers, NFL Week 12 fallout, Wilder being the best heavyweight boxer of all time, and our NFL Week...

Nov 16, 2019

Dee and CJ is back after a week break to see alot of things happening. NCAA basketball is in full swing as Kentucky gets upset by Evansville, Colin Kaepernick has an opportunity to actually play in the NFL for real this time, the Golden State Warriors are in shambles, and the usual NFL shenanigans complete with the...

Nov 3, 2019

Dee and CJ celebrate the Washington Nationals being World Series champs then lament on the Redskins bumbling of Trent Williams while recapping NFL Week 8.

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Oct 24, 2019

CJ and Dee talk about the NBA opening season game between the Clippers and Lakers, the Yankees out of the playoffs, Game 1 of the Nationals/Astros World Series, and NFL Week 7 recap.

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