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Jan 31, 2021

A Bronx Tale is a story of two fathers trying to teach their young son. I know...Sonny wasn't his dad...but he was. A Bronx Tale is a very good coming-of-age story. Also, it's the movie your friend who is in an interracial relationship won't shut up about! We talk about fatherhood, dumb kids, swirl relationships,...

Jan 31, 2021

In this year's Super Bowl preview, Cj and Dee talk about the NFL Playoffs and the conference champions. We also talk basketball and the usual convo the goes off into straight comedy. 

Jan 28, 2021

Wrestlecorner Podcast is finally back from the dead. Dee and DK are setting the tone of this podcast from this point on. They talk about...pretty much everything. Also, Carl Russo.

Jan 25, 2021

In the mob, ANY AND EVERYBODY COULD BE A RAT! But...what if it ain't a rat? What if this person is an undercover agent? The story of Donnie Brasco is about a terrifying job as an undercover agent working in the mob. Not only is it dangerous, but you also become the very thing you were told to stop. The boys talk about...

Jan 20, 2021

The word of today's podcast is "potential". In a movie like Gotti you expect it to give you John Gotti and a robust story about the big moments in his life. This movie gives you Gotti and about an hour and 40 minutes of fat-free air. Gotti had zero business being this dull with John Travolta giving it one of his...