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Jan 9, 2020

IT'S 2020! It's time for 3BG to start the year off strong! So it's DRAGONBALL MONTH!!!!!

We start this month off with the latest movie, Dragonball Super Broly. The movie that all anime fans(at least the non-bougie ones) were hyped for it. Many long time fans were wondering how they will retcon the previous story. What we got was a movie that exceeded whatever expectations anyone had. We got a good retcon, awesome fight scenes, very funny moments...what you got was the essence of Dragonball. It was so wonderful. OH! And a cute alien girl that the internet couldn't wait to draw. 

New Theme by Cxdy called Star Trek

As well as a new Ending by Cxdy called LIFTOFF

Also support this dude. He's an awesome beat maker. Cxdy