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Dec 1, 2012

You know back in the early '90s, black people really got the crap end of the stick on superhero movies and as much as the geeks love Robert Townsend, this movie makes you facepalm from beginning to end. It's Meteor Man people. Enjoy!!!

nine and a half years ago

Totally luvd dat movie & very well deserves a return either as a sequel or a reboot(including a costume re-design...without d cape so dat he looks less supaman rip-offish).

We also got d Meteor man comix dat came out aroun dat tym. It wud b kool if Townsend struck a deal with a publisher 2 release another Meteor Man mini series(or maxi-series of 12 issues).Although it always buggd us/SZ...hw come Townsend & d Milestone Media cre8rs nvr workd 2gthr?