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Feb 14, 2023

It's not everyday a movie that was made just to fulfill a contract and was mid at best turns into a beloved cult classic. No his best but one that gave us great moments. 

Feb 6, 2022

John Singleton wanted to give the world a story about black people in the military. Showing off their lives and struggles centered around a love story. But the studio was like "..nah, put that shit in the hood." Reguardless of how we got here, Poetic Justice is a Black classic. And it gives us pleasure to review...

Jul 25, 2021

Time to go to the strip club again. 3BG revisits a movie we reviewed early in our history. This time with the knowledge and wisdom was 30 year olds and the toxicity of 1950's Hotep. We talk about everything, the actors, the direction, the stripping, the comedy, the hoeing, and the little things.

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Feb 25, 2013

They honestly don't make movies like this anymore. A very well-made and funny Keenan Ivory Wayans gem with a semi-memorable cast of characters.

Dec 1, 2012

You know back in the early '90s, black people really got the crap end of the stick on superhero movies and as much as the geeks love Robert Townsend, this movie makes you facepalm from beginning to end. It's Meteor Man people. Enjoy!!!