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Feb 11, 2023

What happens when M. Night just does a straight-up adaptation with a not-so-crazy twist? You get this film. This is probably one of M. Night's most straightforward films which will either make people like it or not like it depending on your expectations.

Jan 20, 2023

Missing is an interesting film in a genre that isn't quite crowded mainly because it's rare you get a movie that's consistently decent like this. What you have is a simple movie with a couple of good twists.

6 out of 10

Mar 8, 2022

Everytime! EVERY! TIME! A white guy makes groundbreaking technology, the white guy uses it for a psychopathic reason? Well in this one, we have a man who figured out how to be invisible. And he uses it to stalk his girlfriend. It's for science. Yeah, yeah, it's a power thing but you're missing the point. INVISIBLE!!! 

Mar 11, 2020

The Hunt is the latest film from Blumhouse and is based off the short story, "The Most Dangerous Game". We've seen this type of story play out before but what this film does differently is that it adds the angle of poking fun at the Elite hunters(who are very liberal people who act very PC across the board)...

Feb 27, 2020

After Universal had to shelve this film after the failed attempt at doing a Dark Universe, Blumhouse came in and decided to revamp the idea and what we get ends up being a very damn good psychological thriller film. Elizabeth Moss does a phenomenal job of playing a woman being gaslit by an invisible force and...