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Apr 20, 2023

Time to go BACK IN TIME!!!!! Marty and Doc hop back inside that cool-looking car that can only go 88 mph max! This time, the timeline is screwed up because somebody wanted to make a few bets. YEs, we made the joke about Biff turning into present-day Trump. We did all the jokes we were supposed to. Don't worry!

Jul 21, 2022

Tim Burton made classics like nothing...for at least 10 years. Beetlejuice was a movie that was a bit of a risk but was brilliantly done. 3BG goes into why this movie is special.

Mar 28, 2016

Movies based on board games are few and far between mainly because there have only been two movies. Clue and Battleship. Clue manages to be a pretty good and entertaining movie because it hits on the very thing that makes the game fun which the solving the mystery. With a really good cast of actors/actresses, this flick...