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Oct 31, 2017

So right around the time that Power Rangers RPM had started, over on the CW we were graced with America taking another crack at the Kamen Rider franchise. What we ended up with is Kamen Rider Dragon Knight which was based off of Kamen Rider Ryuki. While Dragon Knight kept certain stuff from Ryuki it also brought...

Oct 30, 2017


We end this month with a black horror movie!(We said it, BLACK! Fight us!) The horrific gory 90's horror classic, Candyman. We're joined by Zena from to talk about this, so enjoy!

Oct 29, 2017

*Light spoilers!!!!*

So Thor Ragnarok is upon us and boy oh boy does this series go out in a huge way. Its no secret that the Thor movies have been the weakest of the MCU films so thankfully Director Taika Waititi manages to give this film some levity and also some lightheartedness. All the characters end up having a...

Oct 27, 2017

This week we talk about the World Series, Barstool v ESPN, a bit of NBA news, week 8 of the NCAA, and week 7 of the NFL.

Oct 23, 2017


Finally we get into the Halloween series...and Dee picked the worse one to review. We talk about Michael Myers prep-time, Jamie Lee not giving a shit, Busta getting molested by Harvey Weinstein and other random shit...this movie sucks!