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Aug 27, 2021

The gang is back as we tackle a movie that at the time made a good chunk of folks stop watching Power Rangers outright. The transition from Zeo to Turbo is quite possibly the most baffling one ever in its execution. So sit back and pop on the film as the guy commentate as they do best on this crazy ass movie.


Jul 6, 2021

Just in time for the 10 years later movie and also the appearance of a Twokaizer in Zenkaiger, CJ and Prime tackle Gokaiger. An anniversary Sentai season that is a love letter to the Super Sentai franchise through and through. They also go over the latest toku news and ramble a little bit about the CW shows...

May 26, 2021

Its a special news focused episode of Morphin Metacast wherein Prime and CJ talk about the latest news regarding Toei and them just hating money all around

Mar 24, 2021

Beast Morphers is a season that quite possibly did THE most in terms of setting up the Power Rangers franchise especially in regards to history continuity. The season overall was good but it wasn't without its set of issues. CJ and Prime dive deep into this season and talk about the highs and lows overall.


Dec 25, 2020

So continuing the Ultraman Agenda, CJ and Prime do commentary on the Superior Ultraman 8 Brother film but beforehand they do the latest toku news roundup.

Link to the film:

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