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Nov 27, 2022

Seems that we been down this road before. Except everything goes boom-boom bigger in this one. In this edition of White House Die Hard, the President is captured by North Korean rebels. Oh, and the US military gets bullied! Yeah, all of this is fiction.

Apr 10, 2022

Millienial Priest ain't that bad. Too bad this movie is Belly with a better plot. Because there is one in this one. Yeah, they copied the first one. Shut up! 

Jan 31, 2022

So John really did think he could run a whole ass fade with a Russian mob and he could go home. Nah buddy, you got a favor to do for someone. I hope this doesn't turn into multiple sequels that keep raising the bar in filmaking and in action movie storytelling. Cuz that would suck. 

Dec 21, 2021

Well, we're finally at the last Alien movie of the series. First off shoutout to our boy Duke for coming on all 5 of these episodes. We end this franchise of its dumbest movie. But it's a golden turd of a movie. It's so bad it's good classic, which is better than pure crap. 

Jan 11, 2016

A movie that harkens back to the old school era of action. Simple plot that gets straight to the point and a cast of characters that are just fun to watch. Definitely worth a watch.