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Apr 6, 2024

We're back with another round of gaming news and as with anything alot of stupidity is going around in the gaming community from Tekken 8 having online service vibes to the state of the FGC with regards to MK1. 

Dec 27, 2023

Welp...E3 is officially put out to pasture. Dj Tsu and CJ talk about the highs and lows of E3 and then get into the 2023 Game Awards.

Apr 8, 2023

Coming off the 90's film, it was hard to imagine Mario Bros. getting another shot at a movie. So here we are in 2023 and Illumination, the studio behind the Despicable Me franchise, comes in and gives a very solid film. Yes the movie hits on story beats we've seen before but thats perfectly fine. Overall what you...

Feb 11, 2023

The guys talk about the recent news of E3 not having the big 3 of Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft not being in attendance, the Forsaken controversy, live services games being taken down, and the recent RE4 remake update video. 

Apr 6, 2022

Much like the OG video games, this movie sequel goes bigger and better while still sticking with the old reliable "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality. Idris Elba steals the movie as Knuckles and getting Colleen O'Shaughnessey to voice Tails again was a joy to hear. Solid movie all around. Go see...