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Aug 16, 2018

This year we tackle(or should i say punch into) our first sports anime. We choose Hajime No Ippo. The typical shonen anime lead with a jab like Roy Jones and the speed of B-Hop. We talk the sports genre in anime, no refs, a standing 8 count and petty revenge.



Nov 10, 2015

Coming off the heels of The Matrix, The Animatrix was born out of the series starting to expand out into a full fledged franchise. With that came a need to explain the nuances of the world of the Matrix and how everything came to be. The Animatrix succeeds in giving an account of how the machines managed to take over...

Jun 14, 2014

Shinichiro Watanabe knocks it out the park yet again with an anime thats near and dear to the greater anime community. A show that mixes rap and feudal japan shenanigans together to give a very good and fun story.