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Jan 28, 2020

The 2 DBZ Movies we don't want to do. Lord Slug and Wrath of the Dragon. Like honestly its hard to get anyone to talk about these movies, yet alone like them. So we...have actually a very funny show on this. Enjoy. 

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Jan 16, 2020

The day has finally come for 3BG to talk about the Grand Tour. Uggh blow me...I'm sorry folks but we really didn't want to talk about Dragonball GT. Akira Toriyama was happy to get the check from Toei but wasn't a fan of how they used his creation. But we had to do this, we need to move on to doing the Dragonball series...

Jan 9, 2020

IT'S 2020! It's time for 3BG to start the year off strong! So it's DRAGONBALL MONTH!!!!!

We start this month off with the latest movie, Dragonball Super Broly. The movie that all anime fans(at least the non-bougie ones) were hyped for it. Many long time fans were wondering how they will retcon the previous story. What...

Oct 27, 2019

As #3BGHalloween continues it's time for our yearly anime title. This year we talk about the Gantz series. In particular the 2016 CGI movie Gantz-0. We talk about anime, edgelords, cool weapons, Gonzo animation, monsters and something something anime boobs.

Sep 3, 2019

Imagine a movie project that was planned to be a 50 episode show, then this project had 13 rewrites and then doesn't show the featured Gundam until an hour into the movie. Yeah, we didn't have a lot of good things to say about the film. So come along and enjoy us talking a a wabbly-ass movie. 

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