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Sep 19, 2019

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DJTSU! This year Tsu decided to do a movie he loves. The John Carpenter cult classic, Escape From New York. We talk about its connections to Metal Gear Solid, its iconic look, hiding in plain sight and of course, Adrienne Barbeau's rack. 

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Sep 16, 2019

In a year where we review movies that escaped our grasp we talk Zack Snyder again. This time we talk about his biggest critical blockbuster, 300. A movie that body shames its audience with unbelievable gorgeous men fighting. We go side by side to the hotgates and we talk about abs, Frank Miller, Snyder edits,...

Aug 21, 2019

There are bad movies, production hell, post production hell, failed equipment, unhappy actors and mediocre direction. Now take all of that and add the same movie SHUTTING DOWN AN ENTIRE STUDIO! So we talk about how nuts this movie was, how actually not bad it is, Renny Harlin's money, 3BG on Entertainment Tonight and a...

Aug 7, 2019

Now that Con season is over and the Summer of Disney, looks like we need to get back to doing what we do best. Find a movie all of you forgot about and talk about it. In this episode we talk about Blerdcon, cheap movies, bad action and Cuba Gooding Jr. Also...AWWWWWW SKEETSKEETSKEETSKEETSKEETSKEET...


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Jun 6, 2019

I want Dangerous Minds meets Karate Kid. I want Bloodsport meets Stand and Deliver. I want to see Eddy Gordo shit. Well guess what, this is your movie. Mark Dacascos finally gets his spotlight on the 3BG Podcast. We talk South Asian actors, Copoeira, bad editing, Scott Hall as Razor Ramon and bad signing.

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