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Oct 9, 2017

The Jellies is an upcoming Adult Swim show from the mind of Tyler the Creator. We sat down with Show Producer Carl Jones(known for Boondocks, Black Dynamite, and Legend of Chamberlain Heights) and Voice actor Phil Lamarr(Samurai Jack, Static Shock, Mad TV) as they hit us with the lowdown on how the show came to be and...

Aug 28, 2017

We got a chance to talk to a few great people at Otakon. We spoke to voice actors Sandy Fox, Tony Oliver, Vic Mignogna, Michael Sinternaklass and Michelle Ruff; Cosplayer Stella Chuu and Author Roland Kelts.

May 23, 2017

Ever been curious on the art of composing music for movies and tv shows? Well CJ sits down with composer Matt Novack whose done a range of things such as Adult Swim's Childrens Hospital and the latest film, How To Be A Latin Lover. Matt goes over how he got into the industry and he drops some knowledge on his process of...

Apr 21, 2017

Dee and CJ got a chance to chat it up with tv's FIRST African American ghosthunters in Dalen, Juwan, and Marcus of Ghost Brothers. We talk about what brought these guys together, the various places they went to during the first season, and we talk about the current ongoing second season that's airing on Destination...

Feb 3, 2017

Sat down with Samuel Stevquoah who is the Creator & Producer of "Mill City's Finest," an action adventure animated web-series themed around cultural diversity and self growth. Hear as he talks about the origins of the series, the characters, and random odds and ends on geek stuff.

Check out his material: