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Oct 30, 2017


We end this month with a black horror movie!(We said it, BLACK! Fight us!) The horrific gory 90's horror classic, Candyman. We're joined by Zena from to talk about this, so enjoy!

Oct 23, 2017


Finally we get into the Halloween series...and Dee picked the worse one to review. We talk about Michael Myers prep-time, Jamie Lee not giving a shit, Busta getting molested by Harvey Weinstein and other random shit...this movie sucks!

Oct 2, 2017

Another October and another M.Night movie. Shyamalalama blessed us with this gem of a movie, Mel Gibson losing his faith and then aliens show up. D and Cj go into this review with DjTsu listening. (Cuz doing a Dj gig in Shibuya is WAY more important than reviewing a old movie) So sit back and listen to D and Cj belittle...

Oct 31, 2016

We skipped 7 movies to jump right to the last three Jason movies. Why the last three? Cuz we really wanted to talk about Jason's trip to NYC. We talk about the boat ride from hell, Jason teleportation, this death count tho and heads rolling! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Oct 29, 2016

The last time we talked about Walking Dead, Dee was lost. Now that time has passed and hype has grown, is Dee still lost? No...just slightly confused. But it's all good! We call in Cj and we talk about Negan making Lucille happy.