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Oct 31, 2018

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! This year we finally talk up some Freddy. We skip right to the movie with the smallest box office but the biggest critical praise. Talk up Wes Craven, bad 90s CGI, Jamaican nurses, deaths and cleaver writing. 

Oct 16, 2018

Who ready for an M.Night movie? GET HYPED! The Village is a nonstop ride of great acting and boring as all hell pacing. Watch chilling scenes like a blind girl being scared of nothing, Wiliiam Hurt acting his ass off, a plot that goes nowhere and a twist so bullshit it will make you punch a infant. GET HYPED!!!!

Oct 3, 2018

Now dig this, Snoop got to make his very own Blaxploitation film that is also horror film. Don't worry, it's a 2000's horror movie. Snoop got to have Pam Grier as his old lady. Everyone has a life checklist, don't judge. We talk about Snoop, 90s actors, Bianca Lawson, bad horror movies and maggots!

Oct 30, 2017


We end this month with a black horror movie!(We said it, BLACK! Fight us!) The horrific gory 90's horror classic, Candyman. We're joined by Zena from to talk about this, so enjoy!

Oct 23, 2017


Finally we get into the Halloween series...and Dee picked the worse one to review. We talk about Michael Myers prep-time, Jamie Lee not giving a shit, Busta getting molested by Harvey Weinstein and other random shit...this movie sucks!