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Jul 31, 2020

HEY CHAMP!? READY FOR 3BG TO DO LIAR LIAR? What?! We said it would drop in May? What? Ohhhh! That's right, 3BG's great grandmom died. We had a lot to do and we forgot. What!? Dee lied to you? That can't be. Dee never promised the fans anything ever in his whole podcasting career. So, we're going to lose all these stories of Dee being lazy and forgetting to upload an episode and focus on the movie. It has Jim Carrey at his peak. Jennifer Tilly at her most milfyinest. And the guys admit how shit of a Dad Jim was in the movie.

We recorded this the night of the George Floyd protest all over the country in late May. Historic. 

All song on episodes aren't own by 3BlackGeeks. All original instrumentals are done by Cxdy

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